6 Trends We’ll Still Be Wearing in 2021

How do you think the uncertainty in the world right now has shifted how people shop for and wear seasonal trends?

“I definitely believe that the current climate has affected the way people shop and what they’re shopping for. Fashion is in the midst of a shift and has always been rooted in exclusivity, but as fast-fashion emerges, the average consumer now has access to styles and trends that typically aren’t available to them. Fast fashion brands have done two things: they’ve tapped into a broader target audience and they’ve given luxury fashion companies competition. As we’ve seen, most, if not all, seasonal trends and looks from higher in brands are being recreating at alarming rates by fast fashion companies. Although “accessibility in fashion” is what I stand for and fight for continuously, I will say it is disappointing and frustrating that independent designers and creators suffer when fast fashion brands steal and recreate their designs at a lower price and for lower quality.

With that being said, COVID-19 has unearthed many more issues within fashion. It’s hard for brands to market new trends when the world has shut down! Where will you wear your new handbag if your favorite restaurant is closed?! I can’t even break in a new pair of sunnies without getting them foggy due to my mask, and beaches open and close like clockwork now. Since things have shut down, people face the question: “Why buy when there’s nowhere to go?” or so I thought! When COVID-19 first solidified its presence in 2020, people were in a state of shock and terror, but as face masks, gloves, and clear plexi screen doors became the new normal, consumers are beginning to spend their money in new ways.”