6 Trends Everyone Will Be Instagramming This Spring

At this point, can something even really be considered a real trend if it’s not on Instagram? Methinks not. With that said, the level of a fashion item’s presence on the social media platform can range from here-and-there to #highlydocumented and everything in between, and such measurement is telling of just how trendy it really is. After all, not all fads are created equal—and that’s probably for the best.

As for the subjects of today’s post, however, I have a feeling they’ll be reaching star status very soon thanks to their photogenic natures. They’re not just begging to be worn but deserve to be posted, too, meaning they’ll be all over our feeds in due time. So what spring trends to I think will be blowing up on Instagram this season? Just keep scrolling to find out and, of course, shop them along the way.