6 Timeless Fashion Items That Will Always Be in Style

I recently hit the seventh year mark since I joined Instagram, a wild thing to think about. What began as an innocent photo-sharing app has become an essential resource for my career, but also an unintentional photo album commemorating all of the moments I’ve chosen to share. I recently decided to take a stroll down memory lane via my profile. In tandem with cringing over my choice of photo filters (I was regrettably a consistent fan of Nashville), I noticed there were a few items of clothing that have made cameos in my feed year after year.

I don’t need to remind you how easy it is to get swept up in the short lifecycle of trends. Zara pieces have come and, quickly, gone, but there are some closet staples I own that have transcended my ever-evolving approach to style. They’ll be rejoiced to know I have no intentions of shipping them off to a resale site anytime soon. While these classic items are far from groundbreaking, together, they make up a useful list to consider when working on creating a well-rounded closet. Ahead, check out the six items I recommend you hold onto.