6 Swimwear Trends Over-40 Women Say Are So Flattering

There’s no time like the summer to experiment with new swimwear trends. Thanks to vacations, pool days, and beach trips, there are more opportunities than ever to take those new bikinis or one-pieces out for a spin. While we love a new and exciting swimwear trend just as much as the next person, the truth of the matter is that there are some trends that really aren’t for everyone. So in the name of journalism, I reached out to two of my favorite over-40 fashion girls to discover which styles they are loving and which they are “proposing a ban on,” as we like to say.

This should go without saying, but anyone, no matter their age, is entitled to wear whatever swimsuit they feel like wearing. We simply like getting the expert opinions of influencers and It girls who inspire us, which is what you’re about to dive into here. Ahead, read up on the swim trends Renata Jazdzyk and Mette Sorrig are loving for summer 2019, in addition to the ones they are much less excited about.