6 Summer Wardrobe Essentials LA and NYC Girls Agree On

While over the last four-or-so years I’ve been lucky enough to call “The Big Apple” home, let’s not forget that I’m an LA girl at heart. In fact, the city where I spent the first twenty-four years of my life is among the most impactful influences on my style to date and still shapes the way I dress regardless of the occasion, location, or season. Of course, I’ve had to make more than a handful of adjustments in order to comfortably adapt to life in NYC, but that balance is just what I’d like to highlight here today.

Though there have been non-practical pieces I’ve had to give up in recent years such as uncomfortable shoes and non-functional bags, I’ve also come to realize that certain fashion staples transcend all other factors, including where you reside. To see, read about, and shop those which always have and always will be in my summer wardrobe, no matter where I’m living, just keep scrolling.