6 Style Tips New York Women in Their 50s Swear By

When we’re searching for some of those top-notch styling ideas, we often turn to 56-year-old New Yorker Elaine Davis. And while age should clearly have nothing to do with your fashion choices, it’s this influencer’s seasoned sartorial point of view that’s particularly intriguing given the fact that she’s spent years crafting that ideal comfy-meets-chic wardrobe to fit within her on-the-go NYC lifestyle. So with all that in mind, we thought it could be interesting to tap Davis to share with us some of the style tips she swears by to create said effortless ensembles.

She ended up sharing a range of prompts that steer her inner sartorial dialogue. “Since I’m usually in a pinch for time, I have my go-to pieces ready every season, and I like to keep it simple by following a few tried and true style tips that have always worked for me,” she told us.

Without further ado, keep scrolling for a range of style tips to consider, complete with visual and shopping inspiration as well.