6 Spring Wardrobe Staples That Are So Timeless

I owe so much of my love for fashion to my grandmother Diana. From the pristine string of pearls she loves to wear around her neck to the crisply-pleated trousers that have never seen a wrinkle in their lives, I grew up looking to her as the epitome of all things chic and truly, have her to thank for my own taste in clothes.

Now, years later, I’ve developed my own sense of personal style and it’s not without her influence—or the influence of my own mom. While the three of us have categorically very different styles‚ my grandma’s is classic, my mom’s eccentric, and my own trend-forward—I recently came to the realization that we actually do share a number of style staples. Thanks to fashion’s cyclical nature, many of the items my mom and grandma love are starting to come bursting back on the fashion front (hello “grandma” trends).

So I thought it would be fun to share which items are so valuable that they’ve managed to transcend three generations and earn their keep in all of our closets. Without further ado, keep scrolling to find out why my mom, grandma, and I all agree upon these six spring wardrobe staples and then shop my picks within each.