6 Simple Outfit Trends We’re Wearing in 2020

While I’m always down to test out jazzy, bold looks from time to time (like an eclectic coat or a flashy pair of shoes), I tend to stick to more basic outfits in my day-to-day. Typically, my go-to formula consists of black jeans, a neutral tee or crew-neck sweater, and a standard moto jacket. I honestly probably wear some variation of these simple items seven days per week. While I’ll never give up these staples (they’re comfortable and effortlessly cool), I’m interested in incorporating a few new simple pieces into my pared-down wardrobe that feel fresh and could seamlessly fit within the other basics I wear on repeat.

Fortunately, many of the coolest style setters are embracing the idea of more “wearable” dressing these days, meaning that there’s a range of solid outfit inspiration out there featuring on-trend, more fashion-forward basics. I’m talking those amped-up basic pieces that are slightly more statement-making than the typical simple items I wear.

To highlight further, I rounded up a bit of visual and shopping inspo below featuring the simple yet impactful trends I’m interested in buying this year to upgrade my basics game. Keep scrolling for more. Who knows? You just might uncover a few new simple go-tos as well.