6 Outfits to Wear With Sneakers, According to a New Yorker

We often tap New Yorkers for top-notch sartorial advice given their expertise in mastering those easy-yet-chic silhouettes for that on-the-go lifestyle. Influencer and model Elaine Davis is one of said experts. In fact, we recently highlighted the dress trends and wardrobe essentials she covets. She also mentioned to us that, given the fact that she’s lived in NYC her entire life (38 years as an adult), she’s experimented with a range of shoe styles to keep comfortable while running around in the city. And yep, fashionable sneakers just happen to be one of her go-to choices.

“Since I’m constantly on the go, I need to keep it comfy most days but yet pulled together,” she told us. “I’ve always loved a good sneaker and find that any outfit can still look über-chic worn with the right pair.”

With that in mind, we thought there could be some interest in learning more about the specific sneaker outfits Davis wears to keep it simple and stylish in her day to day. To showcase said ‘fits, she shared with us six of her go-to looks at the moment, complete with styling ideas.

Below you’ll uncover A+ outfit ideas along with inspired shopping picks if something specific catches your eye.