6 Outfit Formulas We’re Seeing All Over TikTok

Here at Who What Wear we like to keep ourselves up-to-date across all social media channels when it comes to fashion, and I think I might have to come out and admit that TikTok is definitely the favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the catchy sounds or creative editing, but I’m hooked on watching outfit videos. Since we’ve already covered the fashion content on their plenty, from TikTokers themselves giving us their style input and affordable items that we’ve seen all over the app, so it’s a no brainer that up next is to cover the outfit formulas I’ve seen on a regular basis when I’m scrolling (which is a lot.) 

If you’ve already found yourself on the fashion side of TikTok, then you know there are certain outfits on there that just seem to look good no matter what. We took notes from the cool girls of the internet and pulled their favorite outfit combos so that next time you’re in a fashion slump, you’ll have an idea of what to wear.