6 Outdated Fall Basics and What We’re Replacing Them With

Fun fact: We’re already planning our fall wardrobes. Yes, despite the fact that it’s only the beginning of August and the official start of the autumn is still weeks away. Because even though we’re all for those pretty summer staples (like breezy dresses and the like), it’s always kind of fun to think ahead toward everything the next season has to offer.

On that note, we thought we’d share some of the key fall 2020 items we’re particularly excited to test out in a few months. And given that many of our wardrobes are comprised of basics specifically, we wanted to showcase those simple and highly versatile pieces that will definitely have a strong presence in our rotations. To take it one step further, we also thought we’d highlight fall basics on the other end of the spectrum that we may not wear as much due to their somewhat “outdated” nature. Of course, this is all based on each editor’s personal preference, and you should always wear whatever you love—no matter what anyone says.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the fall basics worth noting. And if you’re shopping at the moment, check out inspired picks to either wear now or into fall.