6 of the Trendiest Shoe Brands Right Now

We know you come to Who What Wear looking for intel on the latest trends and insider info on what products to shop to nail each and every one. So it should come as no surprise that a large part of our job here at WWW involves keeping a close eye on Google trends, including the search topics that are spiking at any given moment. Right now, there’s one footwear trend that’s clearly reigning supreme, based on the most-searched-for shoe brands: dad sneakers.

Earlier this year, we asked some of the most reputable experts in the industry to weigh in on the best shoe trends of 2019, and we’re here to report that the most recent data from Google backs up the bold prediction that dad sneakers will continue to dominate this year. Ahead, we’re breaking down the only six shoe brands that are trending on Google right now and what that means for 2019 shoe trends. Keep scrolling to find out which brands made the cut, and shop some of our favorite styles from each label.