6 New Fashion Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

As a fashion editor, I spend a large portion of my day writing about the latest trends. While there are a range of top-notch fresh looks this season, there are a few key silhouettes that stand out in my eyes. Essentially, it’s these said trends that I think will bring a forward and modern twist to any wardrobe. In addition, I believe the trends in question could also be considered “fail-safe” in that they’re highly versatile and will most likely stick around for seasons to come.

Intrigued? Excellent. With all this in mind, keep scrolling to check out the spring trends I’m into at the moment. As a preview, there’s everything from of-the-moment denim cuts to chic layering picks to sleek shoe styles. Oh, there’s also a smattering of outfit inspiration to represent each trend, along with shopping recommendations if you’re interested in going all in on any of the trends coming your way.