6 Meghan Markle Outfit Tips I Learned as a Fashion Editor

I follow Meghan Markle’s style like it’s my job—because it is. While I cover a wide range of celebrities here at Who What Wear, I’ve become something of a royal expert through my near-daily coverage of Markle’s and Kate Middleton’s outfit choices (and plenty of royals from other countries as well). Last year alone, I wrote 49 different stories on Markle, spanning everything from her wedding to her two-week tour of Australia.

While the average person might casually skim through Markle photos, I put in the legwork to find out every single brand she’s wearing and where to buy it, so I’m more than a bit familiar with her style. The payoff from analyzing her outfits so closely? I’ve come away with some royalty-approved outfit tips that are extremely easy to emulate IRL. Scroll down for the best styling suggestions I gleaned from Meghan Markle’s wardrobe and shop the trends for yourself.