6 Fashionable Basics French Girls Wear All the Time

When we’re looking for effortless outfit ideas, French girls are often a go-to source of style inspiration. Many in this set have perfectly mastered wardrobes that are elevated and no-fuss. As a result, we routinely highlight the items Parisian women wear, including new trends and fresh spring picks. Next up, we wanted to zero in on the fashionable basics French girls wear on the regular.

We scrolled through the Instagram pages of some of our favorite follows and pulled out those staple pieces that consistently turn up in a variety of feeds. The items in question are all highly versatile and can be styled in many different ways. Keep scrolling to check out the basics French girls seem to wear all the time, complete with forward outfit ideas. You’ll also find a range of shopping inspo if you’re interested in adding one of the basics into your closet.