6 Fall Accessories That Are Trending in 2020

When I say “random,” I really mean it. Besides the stunning chunky choker movement and the grandma socks, the fall accessories trends ahead are probably not what you’re expecting, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth writing home about. Here, you will not find shoe or bag trends, but instead, more micro-trends that still made a massive impact in the F/W 20 runway collections. Honestly, these kinds of new accessories are the ones that fashion girls end up loving most as it encourages them to get more creative with outfit ideation, and guess what? You’re next. 

Ahead you will find the six random fall accessories that are trending hard this fall. From harnesses to balaclavas, these fanciful add-ons might just end up being the match point for a good outfit or a great one. Scroll down to reach about all the new styles that should be on your radar and to shop our picks from each.