6 Emerging Fashion Brands Poised to Get Big

Last month alone, I received upwards of 40 press releases and a flurry of DM’s from newly-launched fashion brands and this is already on top of the dozens of new labels I constantly witness popping up on Instagram. Thanks mostly to social media, it’s never been easier to bring a new clothing line into being and actually achieve a certain level of success early on. But not all brands are able to sustain themselves even after a much-buzzed-about launch, which is why we’re jumping at the chance to share the emerging fashion brands that have the recipe for long-term success, even in a climate of microscopic attention spans.

What sets the following six names apart from the rest has to do with many different factors, but overall the winning combination often involves an impressive celebrity fan base, a stamp of approval from a leading luxury retailer like Net-a-Porter, and a well-edited collection that speaks to what women want to wear now. There’s a lot of sameness going on in fashion right now, but each of these brands offers a perspective that’s wholly original. From the ’80s-style party frocks from London’s 16Arlington to the beautifully minimal silhouettes on offer from NYC-based Bevza, keep reading to discover the up-and-coming fashion brands poised for It status.