6 Easy Business Casual Outfits Using Affordable Items

As a fashion editor, I relish in trying the latest trends and of-the-moment designer pieces (when I can get my hands on them), but as a mom to a 20-month-old, I realize that not every fashion-forward (and expensive) piece is always practical with a toddler. Any mom reading this will know all too well about runny noses being wiped on nice silk blouses or dirty shoes smearing all over chic white pants. Motherhood is messy (in all aspects), and I’ve learned some lessons in dressing for the job—both jobs in my case.

My working wardrobe has certainly had to adjust slightly with a child. But that doesn’t mean I sacrifice on style. In fact, my working-mom capsule wardrobe consists of elevated, comfortable, and practical trusty basics that will not only look polished and chic at work (or right now, for all my Zoom meetings) but are also easy enough to move and play in and inexpensive enough that I’m not overly precious about getting a spill or snag on them.

Below, I’m sharing some of my go-to pieces I rely on time and again as a busy working mom—all under $150. And if you’re not a mom, they’re excellent staples to have in your wardrobe all the same.