6 Cute Date-Night Outfit Ideas for NYC Girls

Whether it’s your first date or your four-hundredth, finding the right date-night outfit rarely feels like a simple task. Regardless of how much pre-date shopping and planning you’ve done, the hour leading up to leaving your house is fraught with indecision, a closet floor full of rejects, and many FaceTime calls with your closest friends.

A solid date outfit isn’t just about leaving a good impression. Throwing together the perfect ensemble can often feel like an overcomplicated equation. You’re made to balance out a myriad of elements like the time of day, location, weather, and how much walking will be involved—whether it’s with a long-term S.O. or a very new flame

And with Valentine’s Day coming up, date night is at the top of mind. While we’re always up for giving you our advice on the matter, this time around, we’re crowdsourcing for date-appropriate looks that have been tested and approved. We figured it’d be best to go out into the Instagram wild and suss out what our NYC-based style muses actually do and don’t wear on dates. (Spoiler: Slip dresses are in and fussy heels are out.)

So the next time you match on Tinder, take advice from these six stylish women as they dish on the outfit combos that are sure to wow.