6 Classic Coats to Add to Your Wardrobe

I know it sounds redundant to say that these coat trends are virtually immune to trends, but let me explain. When I say trends, what I really mean are the specific coat styles that have stood withstood years of trend cycles and will continue to do so. I grew up in the Mid-west where our harsh winters were no joke and I still own the first investment coat I ever bought in high school to this day, so I can personally attest to the fact that coats are one of those items you really will own for years. All the more reason to go for one that you’ll still think is stylish in 10 years.

Ahead, I’ve nailed down six outerwear styles that I firmly believe are immune to trends and therefore would recommend to anyone. Since you’re probably here to find out which classic coats are timeless and indeed trend-proof, just keep scrolling to discover why I think they’re classics and then to shop my favorites for each category.