6 Best Eyebrow Tints to Define Your Brows

Disclaimer: Both experts recommend you get your brows tinted by a professional. “Doing this at home is something I personally don’t recommend,” Sacks says. “A professional needs to mix and apply in a salon or spa setting. This requires experience given it is a chemical being used around the eye area and on a delicate patch of hair. Tinting brows is a very tricky experience, and knowing how to formulate is imperative.”

But if you can’t get to a salon right now and want to try it at home, there are a couple of things both Roberts and Sacks want you to keep in mind.

Choose your tint wisely: “The most common mistake people make is giving the brows an orange appearance. Many over-the-counter products will strip the natural color of your brows, but the trick is to actually tone them to a complementary color,” Roberts says.

Don’t mix shades: Sacks recommends staying close to the tone of your brow or a shade lighter. “Brow tint only deposits color, so if you opt for a shade lighter, it will help keep the depth under control—this is if you use a vegetable dye, which I recommend,” she adds.