6 Amazon Shopping Tips for Uncovering the Best Finds

Many of us on the team put our Amazon Prime accounts to solid use on the regular. We’re kind of like Prime power shoppers in that we turn to the megaretailer to shop for a variety of staples. We’re talking about everything from essentials like toilet paper to fashion and beauty items. Given our shopping experience and the fact that we’ve spent a decent amount of time scrolling through the pages and pages of Amazon merch, we’ve actually come up with a few tricks along the way to uncover the best stuff at the best prices.

We thought the tips in question could be of interest to you in an effort to streamline your Amazon shopping experience—you know, so you can uncover those special gems. With that in mind, keep scrolling to check out our best Amazon shopping tricks. You’ll find some of the items we’re loving at the moment sprinkled throughout as well.