6 Affordable Earring Trends That Look So Expensive

In the age of Zoom, never have earrings been more important to me (relatively speaking, that is). Like most, I’m dressing down a lot lately, and I keep finding myself reaching for a pair of earrings to elevate my sweatshirt of the day (it makes a big difference). I’m definitely not alone, as whenever I scroll through Instagram, I come across selfie after selfie featuring a great pair of earrings, and I’ve concluded that six trends, in particular, are trending around the world. 

Something I’m not a fan of is jewelry that looks cheap (who is, really?), so the only earring trends I care about are ones that look expensive. Even better if they’re not actually expensive. Luckily, the six trends I’m seeing everywhere look expensive, but there are tons of options on the market that are actually affordable. Scroll to familiarize yourself with the trends and shop them for your own lobes.