50M users’ personal data exposed in ‘complex’ hack: Facebook Video

Transcript for 50M users’ personal data exposed in ‘complex’ hack: Facebook

Therewshisriday night, to the warning from Facebook, holding another call with reporters justom up T million user accots compromised tonight. Cerberg realing at they have covered. Here’s abc’secca jarvit. Rter: Tonight, an unprecedensecurity bacfacebook. 50 million users’ personal data includes Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg’s on page. Cks potentiaga ceile informion like namesgender, anhometown unr sites where cebook is used to lo in. Th”complex” hack discovered earlier this week. After selaw was found ew as” feare allowsrs to see W profile appears to the public. Zuckerbe telling reporters a call T, he does T lievivate messages or posts were compromised. E are stilin the early investiga this. Do not yet know if any of the prident infoats accessed that way. Reporacebook no working with the fine the ce of the attack tod and automatically ING out 90 Mrs from their accounts, alerting thimpacted wh this mesge tf the newsfeed. Facebook says passwords and edit cards were not composed in this breech. Stilld ia to date that pass tonight and enable two fact factors tonight. He passeer plane crashg into the sea. The picture coming I tonight.

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