5 Women Test Out Rihanna’s Fenty Collection—See the Looks

Give five people, let alone five fashion girls, the chance to test-drive Rihanna’s new Fenty collection, and they’ll jump at it. I mean, who wouldn’t? Rihanna is sartorially known for many things, from being a general fashion icon to a designer, but this new venture of hers is a bit more major: This time around, instead of collaborating with another brand, Rihanna decided to start from scratch as the CEO and creative director of her own brand. Additionally, Fenty is the first new maison within the LVMH empire since 1987. The cherry on top? She’s the first black woman to create a line under the company. 

The collection is exceptional and celebrates women in a way that, unfortunately, is a rarity. Rihanna channeled the kinds of clothes she wanted to wear, that made her feel good about her body, and, in turn, we all get to reap the benefits of her vision. It seems unfair, but we’re rolling with it. To celebrate the new drop, we gathered our favorite New York women who contribute to Who What Wear to test out their favorite pieces from the collection. Ahead, you’ll get to see five different looks on five different women who are all major Rihanna stans. Each woman really gave her own style spin to the Fenty looks, proving this is a brand that really is well-suited for everyone.

Ahead, read their quotes and you’ll get an inside look at the exact reasoning behind each woman’s love of the brand.