5 Ways To Unclog Your Pores, According to Experts

Have a bad habit of falling asleep with your makeup on? Your pores are suffering! “Going to sleep with a clean face is absolutely vital if you want your skin to be healthy and avoid breakouts,” explains Joanna Vargas. “While we sleep, the body repairs the damage that occurred during your day. Stress, pollution, and the sun are just some of the everyday offenders that will prematurely age you, cause breakouts, clog pores, and create dull, lifeless skin,” says Vargas. 

The next time the idea of a nightly cleanse seems like a hassle, remember this wisdom from Vargas: “If you leave makeup on your face at night, there’s no way the body can fix itself the way it needs to. This will lead to clogged pores today, loss of elasticity, and older-looking skin in your future.” That’s some serious motivation for starting and sticking to an evening cleansing routine, no matter what time your head hits the pillow.