5 Wardrobe Basics Princesses Wear to Look Stylish

I, like everyone else, am enamored with royal style. If Meghan Markle wears something, I perk up. Kate Middleton? Yep, I’ll stop what I’m doing to catch a glimpse of her latest fit as well. To that point, I recently spent a morning scrolling through a range of princess images for a little story research and realized that while the royalty across the globe clearly all have their own distinct personal styles, many actually share sartorial similarities when it comes to the basic clothing items they wear.

But I’m not talking about just any old basics here—the simple items in question are particularly elegant, acting as the foundational pieces for those polished, regal looks. To give you a better sense of the elevated basics princesses, viscountesses, and queens often wear to build their chic ensembles, I rounded up a bit of visual and shopping inspiration for you below. Keep scrolling to elevate your basics offering like a royal.