5 Versatile Day-to-Night Fashion Essentials

If I wrote you a list today of all the fashion basics you should own, it would probably look pretty similar to the same list I could have written you five or even 10 years ago. The thing is, while what we consider “the essentials” doesn’t really change, the clout and relevance of individual items do increase and minimize, often quite significantly, over time. That’s how we end up with certain basics that feel, at times, as important as trend pieces, with others act more as backup cast members.

So what are the cool basics I’m living in at the moment? You’re about to find out. There’s a little suiting, a bag moment, boots (naturally), and of course a lot of styling inspiration below, too. Whether it’s for work, weekends, or nights out, just keep scrolling to read about the five pieces I’ve been living in lately, and shop my picks along the way.