5 Ugly Fashion Trends French Girls Are Wearing for Fall 2019

French girls are known for throwing subtle shade to antiquated fashion rules. In fact, the women in this trend-setting group are often recognized for their effortless approach to style—specifically dressing for what they love and what makes them comfortable, rather than succumbing to the conventional ideology of wearing what’s “in” or “flattering.” As a result, they’ve been all about “ugly” fashion over the last few seasons, and, quite frankly, I’m feeling it. The coolest women embracing “uncool”-but-actually-very-cool looks? Sign me up.

Okay, let’s dig a little deeper. The Parisian set’s ironic fashion choices pretty much run the gamut. There are of course the ugly items like flip-flops that have basically gone mainstream at this point. But there’s actually a range of other ugly pieces (some more under the radar) that I’ve noticed the women of Paris loving for fall.

Ahead you’ll find the five ugly fall trends filling my Instagram feed from some of my favorite French girls. And because I strongly believe said looks can truly enhance the cool factor in anyone’s autumn vibe, I shopped out the must-try styles for each trend to bring that instant Parisian spin to your wardrobe.