5 Types of Shoes to Wear With Leggings

Sneakers will always be the number one shoe style everyone thinks of to wear with leggings, and we agree that leggings plus sneakers is an athleisure match made in heaven. But if you want to wear leggings and not look like you’re headed to the gym, it’s all in the footwear. That doesn’t exactly mean anything goes when it comes to what shoes to wear with leggings, though, (we’d advise against stilettos and flip-flops, for example). There are a number of other styles that elevate leggings more than you ever imagined. 

The best thing about expanding your knowledge of shoe styles that work with leggings is that it allows for more opportunities to wear leggings, which we’re guessing most comfort-loving ladies would approve of. There are five styles in particular that are sure to make leggings stylish and are nearly as comfortable as your favorite pair of sneakers. Ready to expand the versatility of your leggings? Keep scrolling to see what the best types of shoes are to do so are, and shop our picks for each style.