5 Tube Socks for Women That Are on Trend for 2020

In a matter of no time at all, tube socks have gone from being the piece you never considered ever buying to the cool essential to add to your shopping list immediately. At least, that’s what happened for me. Growing up, I would have never considered wearing tube socks—instead opting for no-show styles that would be hidden underneath all of my sneakers. Recently, though, tall, ribbed athletic socks have been dominating the street style scene and my Instagram feed and I absolutely had to opt in.

Not only is the trend a low cost for entry (I picked up a 3-pack at Rite-Aid for $7), but it’s very wearable if you’re after a cozy travel look. Rather than wearing a pair of stiff jeans for a recent trip, I threw on a pair of sweatpants, New Balance sneakers, and tube socks that felt equally parts comfortable and cool. But I’m not alone—plenty of stylish fashion girls are wearing tube socks and I’m breaking their looks down here. Ahead, shop the affordable accessory that is about to be everywhere.