5 Takeaways From The Times’s Interview With President Trump

“I think she’s doing a tremendous disservice to the country,” Mr. Trump said.

The president has been keeping an eye on potential Democratic challengers in 2020 — “they’ve really drifted far left” — taking particular note, approvingly, of Senator Kamala Harris of California. Ms. Harris has been credited with a strong rollout that included numerous news appearances nationwide and a town hall-style meeting in Iowa broadcast on CNN.

Of the potential opponents who have announced their bids so far, Mr. Trump said “I would say the best opening so far would be Kamala Harris,” adding, “Better crowd. Better enthusiasm.”

He then said of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, resurrecting a derisive nickname for her, “I do think Elizabeth Warren has been hurt very badly with the Pocahontas trap.” He added, “I may be wrong about that.”

The president also expressed confidence that he would not have a serious rival in the Republican primary race.

“I don’t see it,” Mr. Trump said, before adding, “I guess anything is possible.”

Mr. Trump said that he was planning to run for re-election, and that there would be no point at which he had decided he had accomplished enough.

“It’s a very big job,” he said, “and there’s a lot to do.” But Mr. Trump also suggested that the presidency had been “more of a burden on me than other presidents,” and accused his predecessors of artificial achievements that did not amount to the work he had done to produce a healthy economy.

“I don’t know if I should love doing it, but I love doing it,” he said.

He said that he would be focusing on national security “very much” should he win a second term. Later, he again reminisced about his life as a businessman and mused about the money he has lost since assuming the presidency.

“This is, this is one of the great losers of all time,” Mr. Trump said. “You know, fortunately, I don’t need money. This is one of the great losers of all time.”