5 Pretty Face-Mask Trends to Know Before Your Next Restock

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Guess what? We’ve officially been wearing face masks long enough to witness some specific trends emerge. To be honest, I’m not surprised in the least to discover that designers are taking all sorts of creative liberties to make our everyday face coverings the most stylish they can be. Looking back, I think we’ve really come a long way from those basic blue surgical masks. There’s nothing wrong with them, but I think you’ve found yourself reading this particular story because you’re looking for a prettier option that’s still just as protective.

If that’s true, you’ve come to the right place. We kind of make it our duty to report on the latest trends from shoes to clothes, so we’d be remiss not to download you on all the coolest styles in the face-mask category, too. And TBH, they’re really good. From pretty floral prints to cool chain embellishments that happen to also be practical mask holders, continue on to see five face-mask trends you’re going to want to know about and to find one (or two or three) you love.