5 Outdated Basic Shoe Trends—and What to Buy Instead

Fall is creeping around the corner, which means it’s officially go time for that cooler-weather wardrobe prep. We’ve already given you an overview of some of the biggest moments of the season, but we thought we’d take a second to focus on some of the fresh shoe silhouettes that will take over as well. For an expert opinion on the looks that will hold strong in the coming months, we tapped Ana Correa, associate accessories and footwear editor at trend-forecasting Mecca, WGSN. But here’s the thing, she didn’t just share the footwear picks worth trying, but also the styles you could consider storing away as well.

In full transparency, many of the shoe trends that are on their way out just so happen to be the “basic” styles many of us have in our wardrobes. Think standard ballet flats and the like. Of course, if you adore said silhouettes, by all means, continue to wear them, but if you have a desire for an especially forward-feeling autumn shoe offering, the shopping advice from Correa will be most beneficial.

Keep scrolling to uncover the five key fall footwear trends to try and toss as you jump-start your fall wardrobe.