5 New Denim Trends I’m Buying—and One I’m Retiring

From time to time (i.e. pretty much every season), there’s a trend that I get a little too excited about and overinvest in. For example, I think it’s going to be tie-dye this season—just a hunch. A couple of years ago, it was cropped flare jeans, and now I’m regretting my decision to fill my closet with one type of denim that would inevitably go out of style. Lo and behold, I’ve grown tired of the trend and so has everyone else, it seems. At the end of 2018, Who What Wear’s commerce strategist confirmed that “units sold of cropped flare jeans decreased by 55% compared to last year.” So earlier this year, I found myself with far more cropped flares than I knew what to do with and not much else in the way of denim.

Luckily, having to buy new jeans isn’t exactly the worst problem to have, and there are plenty of current denim trends that have struck a chord with me. Also, luckily for you, I’ve been documenting them, so scroll on to see the five new denim trends that I’m replacing my passé cropped flares with.