5 Mediocre Beauty Products You Don’t Need in Your Routine

As a beauty editor, I spend a lot of time telling you about the stuff you need. You know, the game-changing lotions and potions that will smooth your skin, give you shiny hair, make your hands hella soft, and a whole host of other beauty wish list items. But today, I’m coming at you with a cold, hard fact you might not be ready to hear. Here’s the truth: Mediocrity abounds in the beauty industry. That’s right. So much of the stuff out there marketed as miracle workers actually don’t do much at all. 

As you can imagine, I get an up close, firsthand look at the ploys and truth-stretching that takes place, but as a consumer, I’m sure you’ve also had your suspicions. If I’m being totally honest, there are too many products that fall short of their trumped-up claims to even count. I suppose that’s not the most terrible thing—it offers choices and opportunities to indulge in the extras in the name of self-care—but if you’re anything like me, pointless products take up valuable vanity real estate I’d much rather reserve for products that will actually help me look and feel my best. 

Of course, it’s true that carrying out prolonged skin, hair, and makeup regimens can be super relaxing and, on the whole, can make us look and feel fab, even if only temporarily. I’m not disputing that at all. But when it comes down to it, there are some beauty products that, on their own, are just mediocre. I sure hope this is a safe space because I’m about to put it all on the line to share five beauty products you can absolutely skip and still be a Megan Thee Stallion-level hot girl. (Okay, maybe not Megan level—she’s in a league of her own.) Without further ado, scroll on for the five mediocre beauty products you can skip and five great ones to hold onto.