5 Legging Color Trends We’ll See Everywhere This Fall

If you didn’t already live in leggings before this pandemic, you certainly live in them now. This comfortable and versatile athleisure staple is known for taking you to the gym to get a coffee and back again and now that softer items like sweatpants and bike shorts are taking center stage in our wardrobes, we can only expect the popularity of leggings to increase tenfold. But back to my original point about pretty much wearing your leggings to death, it’s probably time to give your current collection a fresh update. Here to tell you exactly how to do that is a small sampling of what I’m calling “legging experts.”

I tapped the designers, co-founders, and creative directors of some of the buzziest athleisure brands in the industry for the inside scoop on the legging colors that are predicted to be huge this fall. Since it’s safe to assume that black leggings are your current go-to, there’s no time like the present to step a little out of your comfort zone and into one of the cool new fall legging colors below. From earthy hues to bright magentas, the experts are here to fill you in on every major new colorway you should be adding to your legging collection this season.