5 Home Décor Trends That Are About to Be Everywhere

When it comes to home décor, Brooklyn-based store Claude Home is one I always turn to for inspiration. A quick glance at its Instagram feed, @claudehome, and you’ll see a steady stream of beautiful spaces designed with cult vintage pieces like Jeanneret chairs, serpentine sofas, brumbury lamps, and waterfall coffee tables—items that you’ll often spot in the homes of fashion insiders. So it came as no surprise that owner Maggie Holladay got her start in fashion before moving into home décor.

Chatting with Holladay, I was interested to learn how she ended up in interiors after beginning in fashion. “Right when I turned 21, I landed my dream job with a stylist I looked up to for years,” Holladay explained. “After about a year there, I mentally was drifting away and started to realize that working in fashion was no longer my dream job, so I ended that.” Instead, interiors became a point of passion for Holladay, which is when she launched Claude Home. Without any official background in the field, she dove into the world of home décor. “I started Claude as a hobby, not really knowing much about the world of interiors,” she told us. “And as I learned more about the field from reading books and constant research, I fell in love with it more and more.”

At this point, it’s clear that Maggie Holladay has impeccable taste and a particularly good eye for what fashion people want. Curious to find out which interior pieces are on her radar, I asked her to share the popular home décor trends to look out for now. Ahead, see the five that made her list.