5 Fashion Items French Girls Are Buying for 2021

While there are tons of stylish French fashion girls I follow, Najma Ahmed is arguably one of my all-time favorites. She is continually impressing me with her ability to style basic pieces in innovative ways while also introducing me to new trends that somehow manage to feel timeless. I don’t know how she does it, so instead of going on wondering, I often reach out to her to inquire about all the items she is eyeing now. I figured the first step to dressing more like my French style icon would be to see what she is shopping for at any given time, and ahead, you’ll get a peek into Najma’s 2021 style. 

Najma was so kind as to list out the first 5 items she plans on buying next year. Naturally, I wanted each item more than the next, and I have a strong feeling you will too. From chunky Mary-Jane shoes to pastel outerwear, if you’ve been looking for a reason to get even more excited for the end of 2020, let this shopping roundup be it.