5 Fashion Accessory Trends All Over Instagram Right Now

Welcome to #WhoWhatWearing, a series in which we highlight you, our stylish community of readers. Each of the following looks came straight from a photo you tagged us in on Instagram. Want to be featured next time? You guessed it: Use #WhoWhatWearing on the outfit posts you want us to see.

There are good outfit days, and then there are great outfit days. You know what sets them apart? Nine times out of 10, it’s not the outfit itself but how you accessorized it. Did you load up on your jewelry? Reach for an eye-catching bag before you walked out the door? The truth is, these small details make a big impact with your overall appearance, and often it’s the difference between looking like you put thought into getting dressed and not.

Even if you’re not one to stop and consider your accessories after deciding upon an outfit, I’m challenging you to add even just one more detail to the mix. Trust me, you’ll be plenty inspired after scrolling through this roundup of the fashion accessory trends we’ve spotted on our readers. From Kate Middleton–approved hairbows that update your low-key ponytail to the major bag trend that instantly looks dressed up, I’m sharing the five styles our readers (and now me) are really into.

Keep reading to see all the outfit-transforming accessories and how our readers are wearing them and then shop our pick of each style.