5 Emerging Fashion Designers to Know About

The world of fashion is ever-evolving, and I think that right now is one of the most exciting times to discover new talent. With fewer barriers to entry, more designers are launching brands around their personal visions and forward-thinking ideas, and we’re turning to them for fresh takes on style that are destined to leave a mark on the fashion landscape.

Rather than traditional avenues that have historically involved landing deals with established retailers, many brands are able to get a start with an Instagram account and a direct-to-consumer business model. These platforms allow them more freedom to carve out their unique concepts, craft stunning imagery, build an audience, and speak to their consumers about what’s important to them. It also means a larger and more diverse pool of talent bringing original ideas to reshape fashion.

Here, we’re taking a look at the next generation of labels that are carving out what the future of fashion looks like. Each of these brands has an undeniable talent for design, but their visions go beyond just amazing products. They’re ushering in new standards for size inclusivity, rethinking what sustainable fashion looks like, challenging stereotypical representations of diversity, reimagining unisex design, and paving the way for more women and people of color at the top. Ahead, discover five exciting brands pushing fashion to the future.