5 Easy Nail-Art Ideas You Can Do at Home

Once in a while, I like to treat myself to an especially fancy manicure that I justify because it involves a complicated design that I’m convinced only someone who’s a nail-art pro is able to do. Olive & June in Beverly Hills is my go-to for nail art and where I’ve gotten manicures involving negative space and pops of color. But like so many of my beauty routines, I’ve started venturing into the DIY territory to make up for all the salon visits I’ve skipped.

Here’s the thing, though: Doing a basic manicure at home is one thing, and attempting a nail-art design is another. So in an effort to try my hand at the latter (and pick up another quarantine hobby), I tapped fellow fashion girl Evelynn Escobar-Thomas (or @evemeetswest, as she’s known on the ‘gram). Her nail-art looks, which she shares to @evemeetsnails, are definitely impressive but still easy enough that she’s able to do them at home with just a few bottles of polish and some household items—aka easy enough that this beginner is officially inspired to re-create them.

“I always tell people to start slow,” Escobar-Thomas shared. “You can always fix it as you go. In the beginning, it would take me hours to nail (pun intended) the designs I was attempting.” Ahead, get inspired by five of her at-home designs like yin-yang nails and negative space, and shop the nail essentials you’ll need to get started.