5 Designer Cult Handbags Celebrities Will Wear in 2020

With the fashion crowd’s adoration for all things nostalgic right now—from ’90s-inspired denim to early 2000s flared jeans—pieces that were popular 20 years ago are suddenly feeling “cult-like” again. In fact, when it comes to the handbag market specifically, there seems to be a complete resurgence of some of the bag styles many of us toted around back in the day.

On that note, Jennifer Lopez actually stepped out recently with a cult bag from the early 2000s: the Longchamp Le Pliage tote. It was really no surprise that the bag made it into her rotation because as a testament to its longevity, it basically has remained popular from when many of us wore in high school through today. And believe it or not, there is a range of other classic It bags celebrities are bringing back in a noteworthy way—making them especially relevant as we cruise into the 2020s.

If you’re ready to embrace the best of the bags from the noughties (and earlier) again, keep scrolling to check out the old-school bags some of the coolest A-listers are bringing into the next decade. Then, shop iterations of each if you’re looking to invest in a new designer bag.