5 Cute Sweatpants Outfits We’re Wearing in 2021

Hailey Beiber has a number of fashion moods that span the style spectrum. Yep, she’s been spotted in everything from G-string thong dresses to dad pants to latex leggings. The trend I think she’s really put on the map, though? Her cool approach to styling cute sweatpant outfits. Nothing could be more relevant as a trend right now and while I thought I would be tired of sweatpants at this point, I’ve found that I’ve been adding even more sets to my closet.

What I have been in need of is some fresh outfit inspiration. That’s where Hailey Bieber’s perfect sweatpant looks come in. Ahead, I’m highlighting some styling ideas I’m borrowing from Bieber that you’ll be sure to see the fashion set repeating as well. From topping them off with oversize outerwear to layering bike shorts underneath, these outfits will have you rethinking how to get dressed when you want to feel cozy.