5 Comfortable Workout Outfits That Are so Flattering

Here’s the unfortunate truth: I haven’t had a steady workout routine in almost six months. In 2018, I was going to Pilates three times a week, but then some crazy personal and professional stuff happened that still hasn’t let up (did I mention I published a book last month?)—and I hate to say it, but my workout routine was the first thing to get nixed off my priority list.

Now it’s been literally half a year, and I know I have to get back on the horse. But something that’s been holding me back (and I know this sounds like a bad excuse) is that I am so freaking bored with my current fitness wardrobe, which hasn’t been updated since before I stopped exercising. It’s not that easy to get new leggings and sports bras, though. That ish is expensive!

People around the office obviously talk about our sister brand Joylab—an affordable activewear line at Target—all the time, but to be perfectly honest, I was always skeptical since I’ve been brainwashed by capitalism to think you have to spend $100 on leggings to get a decent pair. But then, the other week, I was practically forced to finally give Joylab a chance. And I can genuinely say I was shocked by how trendy, comfortable, flattering, and durable (I did a few lunges and stretches to test) the pieces were. Now that I have a few new workout outfits, I’m actually motivated to hit the Pilates studio again—in fact, I just signed up for a five-class bundle.

Below, see the budget-friendly Joylab outfits getting me back into the swing of exercising… plus the ones I plan to add to my cart next.