5 Classic Fashion Brands That Are Timeless

What were you wearing 10 years ago? It’s safe to say many of us would be embarrassed by our fashion sense a decade ago, but if you look carefully, I bet you’d notice some common themes between your past and present wardrobes. For me, I realized that I still buy some of the tried-and-true brands I used to wear before I became a fashion editor. (I had to look at my LinkedIn to confirm, but it’s been about six and a half years since I first nabbed a full-time editor job.)

Right now, I’m obsessed with fashion-girl brands such as Ganni, Staud, Maje, and Dôen, but I definitely haven’t always been able to afford these labels. Plus, I was too shy to experiment with trends when I was younger, and I hadn’t really developed a sense of style yet. It was all about basics back then. That said, I’m never one to turn down a good Madewell tee or Topshop dress in 2020, and I still rely on these labels for affordable pieces. Scroll down to shop the five brands I wore before becoming a fashion editor and still wear now.