5 Celebs Who Just Took the Neon Trend to Level 10

We’re approximately 2.7% of the way into 2019, yet the “scariest” trend of the year is already quickly emerging. I put the word scariest in quotations because, quite frankly, a deep chill runs down my spine when I imagine myself trying to pull off said trend. We introduced you to the return of neon clothes last summer, and the garishly bright shades only continued to gain traction over the past few months, with some of our most die-hard all-black-wearing editors finally warming up to the highlighter hues.

Well, if you thought you’d seen the last of the neon trend in 2018, you might want to cover your eyes for what I’ll say next. Not only is neon still relevant on the scene, but celebrities are turning the wattage all the way up. Within the same week, Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid all wore electrifying neon green outfits, solidifying that this trend is a thing. They’re hardly dipping their toes in the color, either. Chanel Iman wore a tonal minidress and coordinated her look with matching heels, and Bieber likewise opted for a head-to-toe neon green tracksuit.

Keep reading to see for yourself how celebs are taking the neon trend up to level 10 and, if you’re so inclined, shop neon pieces below.