5 Blazer Outfit Ideas That Are Simple and Chic

I remember my first blazer purchase like it was yesterday. I was twenty years old and had landed an interview for a summer internship at a digital fashion publication that I had my heart set on getting. I had nothing professional in my wardrobe at the time, so I frantically drove to a Zara location an hour away from my college campus to snag the last of a particular oversize floral blazer in my size. I also bought the matching skort, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I wore a skort to an interview, so we’ll ignore that for now despite the fact that I did land the position.

Anyway, six years later and I’ve accumulated more blazers than I can count. Well technically the number is 11, but you get the idea: I own a lot of blazers. I started wearing them outside of the workplace a few years ago and have never looked back. They not only make even the most casual of outfits feel more polished, as you’ll see below, but all of my oversize-fitting ones offer up a cool factor that you just can’t get with any other outerwear. (Just ask Hailey Bieber!) Lately, I’ve been wearing blazers on repeat, styling them in these five specific ways.