43 Fun Fashion Items to Buy When You’re Bored

For many of us, the holidays offer a bit more downtime than we’re used to in day-to-day life. There are only so many episodes of House Hunters one can watch in a row (spoken from personal experience), so I came up with an alternative. Similar to what I did with affordable shoes, everyday jewelry pieces, and regret-free items to shop when you’re bored, I found 43 fashion items that are just plain fun.

And because no one wants to do sudden harm to their bank accounts just because they’re bored, I again put the emphasis on affordable (or at least reasonably priced or investment-worthy) items. There’s truly so much fun stuff out there to shop right now that I could’ve made this story double the size, but my goal is not to overwhelm you. So I narrowed it down to 42 fashion items that are fun to buy and wear. Keep scrolling to shop them all.