43 Basic Wardrobe Essentials to Buy When Bored

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Online shopping is always a productive yet enjoyable way to banish boredom. In our experience, the best types of fashion items to shop for when you’re bored are affordable ones and/or investment-worthy ones that you’ll wear again and again. After all, no one wants to accidentally blow their clothing budget in one sitting on impulse buys just because they had some time to kill.

With this in mind, we curated a lengthy list of items to shop that are quite reasonably priced. They’re all basic wardrobe essentials that are also special—because special basics are the best basics, in our opinion. Even if you’re not bored at the moment, take our word for it and keep scrolling to shop our finds. We promise you won’t regret taking the time for a little wardrobe improvement.